You’re late.
I have no room for you.
You’re slow.
I have no room for you.

Don’t ask me when.
I want it now.
Don’t ask me how.
Find out.

Do it.
Do it now.
Do it fast.
Do it right.

Do what I say
before anything else.
Do what I order.
before thinking of yourself.

Don’t roll your eyes.
You’re stuck with me.
Whether you like it or not.



A wise man quoted him last weekend, and those words have been echoing in my head ever since: “No puede ser que estemos aquí para no poder ser.”

What if you try to enjoy the ride, rather than endure it?

This is an interesting article on happyness (against all odds) during the Polar Night in Tromsø, north of Norway:


Like I noticed while living in the US, when someone asked me how I were, my answer would always be a I”m fine”, and never the usual “not bad” that I used to hear all the time.  A lot to think about mindset uh!